Good Morning, Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
It’s my great honour to stand here to make a speech. My name is Zhangxinyan from Class Five, Senior Three. Have you even heard of an old Chinese saying ? It goes like this: “Nothing is more delightful than to meet friends from afar”. Today we are very happy to welcome the teachers and students from Flensburg, Germany. During the next few days the German friends will visit our school and stay with some host families. I am sure that we will have a very good time together.
During this summer vacation, some of us students and teachers paid a visit to Germany. We really had a wonderful time there. By attending their classes we have got to know what and how German students study at school. And we also joined in many interesting activities , such as sailing, kayaking, camping .We were all very excited for we have never experienced them before, so the trip to Germany left us a good memory. Here I want to express our thanks again for your good arrangements and warm reception.
As you can see, our school is located in the residential area. Actually it is one of the oldest schools in Hangzhou, for it was founded in 1904. For more than 100 years our school has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for our country . At present, there are 24classes in three grades. We have over 1000 students and more than 100 teaching staff. Now the teachers and students are making great efforts to make much more progress.
   Hangzhou, as a popular tourist destination in China, is worth sightseeing, especially the West Lake.
     I hope that you will enjoy your trip to Hangzhou and your life with your host family.
 Thank you for your listening !